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Honeywell Searchzone Sonik Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detector

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The new Honeywell Searchzone Sonik is a robust and reliable gas leak detector that will efficiently “hear” the loss of containment of any high-pressure gas within its listening zone. An advanced, SIL 2 certified, hazardous area ultrasonic gas leak detector, the Searchzone Sonik responds to the ultrasonic sound pressure level produced by pressurized gas leaks and is therefore unaffected by environmental conditions. A sophisticated App on a hazardous area Bluetooth device delivers remote access for set-up, interrogation and maintenance, supported by an advanced test-tool enabling testing from the ground - no need to work at height.

Searchzone Sonik is factory calibrated. Its robust sealed design with no moving parts and the solid-state sensor allow for mounting in any orientation, even in the harshest environments. The gas leak detector will respond quickly to a gas leak within a sensing range radius of typically 20m (65 ft), dependent upon background noise. The intelligent background noise detection system allows the detector to be set up for maximum sensitivity while Focus Mode means that the detection area can be restricted to only include the hazard being monitored. This way you have confidence that you’ll always stay safe and ultrasound.

Since traditional point and open-path devices cannot detect leaks unless the gas reaches the sensor, the need arose for a revolutionary and complementary type of gas detection technology. Instead of waiting for the gas to reach the detection device, an ultrasonic detector operates by responding to the sound created by high-pressure gas leaks at source.

How do you sense what you can’t hear?

Since gas does not need to come into contact with their sensors, ultrasonic (or acoustic) detectors respond instantly upon “hearing” the distinct sound pattern of a leak, operating at a frequency outside the range of human hearing.

Unaffected by airflows and adverse weather conditions, they are particularly suited to open and well-ventilated areas, such as floating production storage and offloading vessels, gas turbine power plants, compressor stations, gas storage facilities, petrochemical processing plants, refineries, or offshore and onshore oil and gas installations.

Ease of Operation

Robust, solid state sensor design, fit for demanding environments including pressure wash-downs.

Factory calibrated – no field calibration needed.

Built-in test and diagnostics to maintain operation.

A wide range of outputs to enable system design, including 4 to 20 mA, HART, Modbus, Relays.

Bright light indicator for safety awareness; a unit needing maintenance is easier to locate.

Real-time detection readings and full logging simplify asset management.

Ease of Installation

Universal mount with three degrees of freedom enables pole, wall, or strut mounting and easy alignment with the area to be covered.

Wiring compartment with angled cable entry and plugged terminals, separated from the sensing electronics.

App for smartphones and tablets with installation guide and logging helps set-up and asset management

Ease of Commissioning

The high visibility bright light provides clear indication of the device status.

No need to work at height thanks to the ability to run remote set-up using the Bluetooth app on your phone or tablet.

The easy-to-use Ultrasonic Test Tool enables fast checking of the area of coverage.

Automatic generation of commissioning log.

Ease of Maintenance

The reliable internal self-testing and diagnosis enable pro-active maintenance.

Via a Bluetooth app, non-intrusive interaction reduces maintenance time and safety risks.

Simple module replacement if necessary; plug and play.

Automatic generation of maintenance logs.

Applications and Operating Environment


Exploration vessels • Wellheads • Compressors • Metering skids • Valves.


Pumps • Valves • Seals.

Gathering and Processing

Compressors • Processing plant • Turbines • Gas safety valves.

Transmission and Distribution

Compressors • Pipelines • Metering stations • Valves.