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Honeywell Satellite XT Gas Detector

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The Honeywell Satellite XT is an intelligent gas detection transmitter with electrochemical sensor which detects toxic, corrosive and combustible gas.

Product Overview
The Satellite XT is the simple solution for all “Point-of-Use” gas detection needs. Based upon the markets smallest and most reliable electrochemical cell technology, the Satellite XT offers the flexibility, simplicity and application ease. The Satellite XT can be purchased in either an analog or digital configuration allowing it to interface with new or existing facility control technologies.
The digital Satellite XT is built on LonWorks® technology. Life Safety Systems built on a LonWorks® network platform allow users to leverage the cost efficiencies of distributed controls, while maintaining the integrity and reliability necessary for code compliant safety applications.
The Satellite XT is an intelligent gas detection transmitter which utilizes a unique electrochemical sensor to detect toxic, corrosive, and combustible gas. The Satellite XT is a “Point-of-Use” monitor normally located at or near a potential source of gas release. Field accessories allow sampling options for various environments including in–situ duct detection and extractive designs for harsh or remote areas. Typical installations for gas detection sampling include gas cabinet exhaust ducting, valve manifold boxes, equipment enclosures, and ambient breathing zones.
Each digital Satellite XT transmitter bears a unique address for use on a LonWorks® network. This feature allows it to participate in a community of other intelligent LonWorks® devices, which when considered together, comprise a life safety system network. Gas concentration and alarm information are both displayed locally at the Satellite XT, as well as distributed onto the LonWorks® network for use by other field devices. The Satellite XT provides complete programmability of all monitoring variables including gas type, alarm levels, and maintenance status.

Additional Features and Benefits
Applications provides gas detection for: 
•  Gas cabinets
•  Valve manifold box
•  Equipment enclosure
•  Ambient breathing zone
•  Gas storage rooms
•  OEM equipment
•  Fast, reliable, specific gas detection
•  Continuous real–time monitoring
•  Interchangeable intelligent sensor cell
•  No dynamic gas calibration required
•  Generic sensor head electronics
•  Low cost of ownership
•  No moving parts to wear down or replace