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Honeywell Sensepoint XRL Sensors and Field Communicator

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Honeywell Sensepoint XRL Sensors enables detection of Flammable, Oxygen & Toxic gas with module set for mA or module set for Modbus to Catalytic sensor.


The Field Communicator are available for remote connection to the XRL Gas Detectors with different Zone 1 regions to choose from North America/EU/UK/US.

Honeywell Sensepoint XRL Fixed Gas Detector with Bluetooth allows user to connect to the gas detector via a smartphone app. It is available as a flammable gas detector for the detection of potentially explosive gases suitable for use in hazardous areas, or as a toxic gas detector for the detection of a range of toxic gas hazards commonly found in commercial premises.

Product Overview

Sensepoint XRL fixed point gas detector with use of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology allows the user to connect the gas detector to a smartphone or tablet running the Sensepoint gas detector app. Sensepoint XRL is available as a flammable gas detector for the detection of potentially explosive gases, or as a toxic gas detector for the detection of a range of toxic gas hazards commonly found in industrial applications.

The Honeywell Sensepoint XRL is designed with simple and quick installation in mind. And for initial calibration, all you need is our Sensepoint App on your smartphone and a cylinder of calibration gas, no need for walkie-talkie guidance with the control room. Use the Sensepoint App to create a profile for the detector, choose alarm set points, run test procedures and automatically generate a commissioning report, which you can send from your phone to other stakeholders or store for easy access in a safety inspection. No need for paperwork. 

Honeywell Sensepoint XRL's smartphone-based experience significantly reduces the time you spend on gas detector maintenance. And when doing maintenance checks, our Sensepoint App puts diagnostic information at your fingertips.

It has bright indicator lights visible from a distance, making it easy to locate a detector requiring maintenance.  And the Bluetooth connection is non-intrusive so there is no need for a hot work permit.

You can also save valuable time with easy reporting on the Sensepoint App. Whether you need a maintenance report for a certain detector or a gas history for a safety audit, just select the right report on the app and send it to other parties or store it for easy recall.  For a complete gas leak detection system, Sensepoint XRL has the perfect partner in Touchpoint Plus, a configurable, easy-to-use controller for up to sixteen channels of gas detection.

Features & Benefits

Manage installation, commissioning and maintenance from the gas detector app on your smartphone or tablet

Award-winning design

Robust aluminium housing

Worldwide hazardous area approvals

Compatible with Touchpoint Plus and other industry-standard controllers

Quick Specs

mA loop or Modbus RTU output

Multi-colour LED status indicator

Operating temperature range -40°C to +65°C, IP66, Type 4X

Choice of Toxic, Oxygen or Flammable Sensors


Manufacturing facilities & Factories

Water Treatment Plants

Battery Charging Facilities

Vehicle Test Facilities

Petrochemical Plants

Fuelling Depots