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Honeywell Searchline Excel Cross-Duct Infrared Flammable Gas Detector

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The Honeywell Searchline Excel Cross-Duct Infrared Flammable Gas Detector is a reliable Infrared Open Path gas detection for ducts or cross-duct technology.
Product Overview
Based on the proven open path design, the Honeywell Searchline Excel Cross-Duct was developed in response to the unique requirements for monitoring in HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) ducting and Turbine Enclosures, it’s a Hazardous Area certified infrared open path gas detector, for use in HVAC intakes and exhausts. There are 2 types: Short Range for ducts 0.5m – 2.5m width (ATEX and UL) and Long Range for ducts 2.5m – 5.0m width (ATEX ONLY).
Honeywell Searchline Excel Cross-Duct delivers the highest speed of response at low alarm set points over a wide temperature range. With continuous improvement and the highest quality manufacturing and control processes, Honeywell Analytics Searchline Excel Open Path flammable gas detector provides best in class gas detection. Honeywell Searchline Excel is often the chosen primary flammable gas detector in conjunction with Searchpoint Optima Plus as complimenting flammable point detection
Cross duct flammable gas detectors compliment other system gas protectors such as toxic gas detection, providing a fast and effective protection to gas ingress into ventilation ducts.

Applications include
• Control rooms
• Personal refuge areas
• Turbine enclosures
Features & benefits
• Fast speed of response provides earliest warning
• High sensitivity allows low alarm set points
• Alignment free design makes installation simple
• Duct flex and vibration tolerance keeps the system online
• Integral functional gas test facility allows for simple system check
• Contamination resistant optics reduce the need for unscheduled maintenance
• Immune to catalytic poisons
• Works in inert atmospheres